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Elvis ! sa voix, ma passion.

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1 septembre 2010 3 01 /09 /septembre /2010 13:06



Burning Love : Compositeur Dennis Linde.


Lord almighty my temperature rising

Higher,higher It's burning through my soul


You've gone and set me on fire

My brain is flamin' and I don't know

Which way to go

And your kisses lift me higher

Like the sweet song of a choir

And you light my morning sky

With burning love.


Ooh,ooh,ooh, I'm flamin'

It must be one hundred and nine

I'm burning,burning,burning,

And nothing can cool me

I just might turn into smoke

But I feel fine

Cause It's coming closer the flame's

are now lickin' my body

Won't you help me

I feel like I'm slippin' away

It's hard to breathe

And my chest is a-heavin

Lord have mercy

I'm burning a hole where I lay

And I'm just a hunk

A hunk of burning love.2010septembre

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