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Elvis ! sa voix, ma passion.

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1 décembre 2009 2 01 /12 /décembre /2009 02:06

Love me tender :Elvis Presley

Love me tender Love me sweet !
Never let me go !
You have made my life complete !
And I Love you so !

Love me tender Love me true !
All my dreams fulfill !
For my darlin' I Love you !
And I always will !
Love me tender love me long !
Take me to your heart !
For it's there that I belong !
And we'll never part !
Love me tender love me dear !
Tell me you are mine !
I'll be yours through all the years !
Til the end of time !
When at last my dreams come true !
Darling this I know !
Happiness will follow you !
Everywhere you go .



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