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Elvis ! sa voix, ma passion.

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18 mai 2008 7 18 /05 /mai /2008 15:39

You've lost that lovin feelin'   ( Barry Mann & Cyntia Weil )

You never close your eyes any more !
         When I kiss your lips !
And there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips !
You're tryin' hard not to show it !
But baby ! but baby I know it !

You've lost that lovin' feelin ' !
Woh ! oh  that lovin' feelin' !
You've lost that lovin' feelin' !
Now it's gone ! gone ! gone ! gone !
Woh ! oh oh oh !

Now there's no welcome look in your eyes !
When I reach for you !
And girl you're startin' to criticize !
Little things I do !
It makes me just feel like cryin' !
'Cause baby something beautiful's dyin' !

Baby !baby I'd get down on my knees for you !
If that would make you love me like you used to do !
We had a love a love you don't find every day !
Don't ! don't ! don't ! don't !
Let it slip away. !

*****Magnifique  interprétation par Elvis *****

J'aime aussi la version des Righteous Brothers!

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tout à fait dac.....superbe chanson et superbe version RRB originale et comme dab superbe reprise d'Elvis